In China, Which is more expensive, a female graduate student or pork?

First, I think it is unseemly to mention a female graduate student and pork in the same breath.

In today's society, more and more people pursue high knowledge and then make further study even study abroad. What's they want for? The result is obvious, just to make a good future and find a good job.

The article shows only 25% company minding using female staffers. I think the modus operandi of these companies are so stupid. Maybe they think female have trouble things in the future such as marry, have maternity leave. But this is not a essential thing. Not as the old society, female in today have high status. No one can have blinkers to treat it. It's a truth in today.

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So female with high knowledge don't mind these companies, for most companies focus on the person with ability not sex. If we have better ability & wisdom and full knowledge, we don't worry to find a good job which is suitable for us.

If I were this girl, I wouldn't be worried and also have no reason to worry about. After all, I have "capital". And I also believe, in today's society, most companies needs the person who have good education.

Comparing this two subjects, I feel a little ironical to the female graduate student.
With the liberty of people's mind and the progress of the socitey, the status of  female may have changed a lot throughout the centuries campared to the custom of  regarding the male as the center in the family and holding the point that woman could only be a housewife in feudal society.Women, in the modern society,with well education and professional faculties ,can take various jobs as they like. However, some deeply rooted notion that females can't do as well as male is still in existence.

It can not be denied that there are certain differences between females and males, such as the physcial and mental condition. Males definitely have advatage toward women in the strength.As a matter of  fact, males can take a lot of  manual labors. But for a female, with a graduate diploma, I think they may have certain advantages towards a female with bachelor. Despite the fact that the socitey places high value on the true faculty, not the diploma, there are more and more people who have a decent job going for further study.So, in my opinion, I don't think the graduate diploma is conflicted with the job hunting, for they could have learned many knowledges and skills from the university.On the contrary, a graduate diploma can ceratainly intensify the competition in the human resource market.

Female, no matter what kind of major you are engaged in, there are certain discriminations from the surroundings. It's hard to say who should take the responsibility, for this situation stems from various reasons.Now I'm a senior student and I intend to be graduate student.Since my major is electronics engineering, and I know there are a lot of discrimiantions on females in my major, I should work hard to advance myself.

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