In China, Would you help if an old people falls down?

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In 2006, Peng Yu helped an old woman named Xu Shoulan who fell down when running for the bus to go to the hospital. Then the court concluded that "it was likely that Peng Yu had collided with Ms Xu and he should compensate 40% of the treatment cost of Xu Shoulan". This is the well-known "Case of Peng Yu in Nanjing"

In 2008, an 70-year-old woman fell down onto the sidewalk at the gate of Xingyu Garden, Nanping E.Road, Chongqing. Her head was beaten and bleeding. Many citizens were concerned about her health, but nobody dared to offer help. A citizen dialed 120 for emergency services and then hurried to go, but he was stopped but the crowd saying " You can't go, otherwise, we may be hard to explain".

" When an old woman falls down, everyone strikes aside. Stop at red light, proceed at green light and back away from old women." We have to admit "not daring to help" has become the "hidden rules" of virtue even for those kind and warm-hearted people. Is it "virtue risk"? Now, when an old person falls down on the road, will you help?

In China, Would you help if an old people falls down



Why could this kind of things be happened?Tt's just because the unperfect law rule.Kindheated persons did beneficent things,they should be praised by everyone.But in the contrary,they were punished .In that case,Who dare to do good things?If I meet this kind of things,I also couldn't lift her.But I will call 120 secretly,not catching any attention.Then It not only couldn't involve me,but also help that elder woman



by my experience, if an old man falls down, dont touch it, and encourage him to stand up by himeself. or u will bring him unexpected hurt. this is a health knowledge.
farther more, keep away from the falling down elders, coz u dont want hurt by the bad reality. go ur way. if u phone 120 it is ur response as a person.



That's ridiculous. I can hardly imagine this sort of thing happened in a modern society. If everything is still going on like this, no one is willing to help others. It's hard to fancy what the society and our life will be like. It's horrible. As is known to all, helping each other is one of our Chinese traditional virtues. We should inherit and develop it. It's our responsibility, especially in such a time of a high level of civilization. When I heard this ridiculous news, I thought deeply. What's the matter with our society? Why does it become so? When? How? Is it because of pursuing money? It is pity and shameful for these people.Yellowstone National Park



This topic worth us to think deeply ! now in the society,many person pretend poor, lie in the street to wait somebody give money .,someone ,leave the money on the street ,waiting for other to pick up ,then come back to racketeer , so much this things appear in our side ,so that I cant believe easily . we have to ignore the scene , although some think us as unkind,heartless. Are not we a harsh man . no .,it is so much deceive in this dirty society ,
But if some older fall down in my side ,I will to lift her up without hesitation , if not ,my heart will be upset . my conscience will smote me !
I always think there are many warm- heart person in the world



The society is complex, so do the people's hearts. In some cases, we should keep sensible. The root of helping other, no wonder, is good and worthy of praises. But sometimes, your kindness may led to a trouble. It is a common topic. In my point of view, for those petty things, we can step away to avoid double works. But for those matters relative to risk of life, we should give out our hands to help others in time.
So for case 1 above mentioned, if that happens to me, by instinct, i will help that old woman, just like helping my grandma.It is not a hard job. If i am accused, i think it is the duty for the old woman to say fair words. Or i may consider how bad luck i got! But this can not stop me from helping again when it happens to me next time. Caz I believe beautiful things excel ugly things in this world.



Maybe  I will be hesitate for a minute at first ,but finally I will choose to help the people who fell down no matter how old him or her is . when we were young ,our teacher tought us to respect the people who is elder than us and to help those who are younger than us .However,why this has been totally changed as the time going on .Perhaps,sometimes  we do think too much and like to care too much. Last, I want to emphasize it depends.



This really makes our heart frozen.Affording help when someone need,this is a normal thinking of everyone,needless to say in LeiFeng's times.
But lots of things tells us that the word is very complicated.This is quite confused for adult and for the youth,child as well.
Also a question to us:How to teach our child for virtue.



As we know, the cause of Peng Yu in Nanjing is well- know. Absolutely,it is inequitable that the court asked him to compensate the treatment cost. This cause make a influence to our ethics. I believe that everyone has a kind mind .  I hope this cause wouldn't happen again!



I think I would give my hands by instinct.although there are some misunderstandings about good virtue.but we have responsibility to do like that.we can not think everybody as a cheater.maybe the pulic misunderstand your conduct,you feel injuring.but you gain a calm heart.if you did not help when an old falls down and be dead.I think you must be regret.
frankly,we all would be old slowly.this is helping someone else will help ourselves one day.

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