Is the one who 'bargains' a 'niggard'?

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"Bargain" is virtually a trick and an art as well. In everyday life, you may make a bargain for no reason, maybe because you are fond of chatting with others, making a bargain with the shop owner or having a competition of eloquence, which may become joy of life. 

"Niggard" is what everyone considers "mean" or "stingy", "haggling over every once".

When you go shopping, do you care for bargaining? Do you believe that the one who "bargains" is a "niggard"? Welcome to share your secret of "bargain".


Is the one who

Is the one who 'bargains' a 'niggard'?



While, as a customer , i usually make a bargin with the shop owner. Not cause i can't afford the fee buying the clothes or the shoes , just because i don't think the price they give me is reasonable . Especially in a not formal shopping palce, this phenomena becomes more and more drastic.

I think a girl can have a stronger ability bargining the price  than me,so i will not write my method here, just to see others~~ hehe. 



Actually, I don't like "bargain", but in some shops you have to bargain. It's simply because the price is not so correct, Even double or three times higher than normal price. If you do not bargain with the owners, you will spent much money but buy a bad stuff. It's very common now days.

However, I am not good at bargaining. Every time, my friend would tell me that I was tricked after I bought something with higher price. I am annoyed always for this, because I am not good speaking with them. I am too honest and timid. Eyre Lake

I have two things which I am always scared about bargain. One is, I am afraid the shops owner will laugh at me or angry at me if I bargain too much. Because I don't know how much I should bargain. Sometimes they will say " just go away, you are not buying it, but just look for the troubles, I don't have time, go to others"

Two is, I pay for that after I bargained, but only with a little bargain, the owner of shops are still not so happy, but agree at last. I thought I bought a good one with cheap price, but I will regret with in 10 minutes. Because I find the other people ask for more discount or I find the same goods in another shop with cheaper price.

So I prefer to buy stuffs in shops without bargaining. Everybody pays with same fair price.

Last, I have to say "bargain" is not niggard.

To bargain is our right. because the sellers like to trick buyers.

If you don't bargain, perhaps you are fool, no one will say you are Generous.



I do not agree this opinion absolutely, it is the confusion of the two conceptions. What is niggard? It should be defined as mean and care for everything about money, moreover, a niggard just know save money and may not spend a coin. How about bargain? It means sellers sell their with high price, buyers need to lower price, so both sides need to come to an agreement about money. Therefore, bargain does not mean niggard.

No matter what in supermarket or in exclusive agency, price may be so high which is  beyond our holding capability, so ,if we want to buy what we need ,bargain is necessary. some dark minded sellers will run the price up seriously, if we do not bargain with them, we would be cheated by them utterly.

How to bargain? It needs some tricks. At the beginning, you should not show your interest to what you want to buy, or else, the seller may raise the price and is reluctant to lower the price which is disadvantageous to you. Second, point out defects of products, after all , noting is perfect. all the things that seller tell you is the advantage of products, if you can say deficiency of products, it will be a short cut to you.

Tricks are so many. As far as I am concerned, it is easier said than done, sometimes the price I give is too high, which will annoy me, but, sometimes ,the price is too low, which lead to sellers want to expel me from their store. so it is not a easy thing to buy products with low price and high quality.



In 21th centry,bargaining activity appears every corner of the world,signing contract,buying foods or products also exist bargain,bargain  is a achaeology in our real life.especially,in china,bargaining become a habit.
I don't quite agree with the opinion that bargaining equals niggard,cause i always bargain when buying things,except in the speciality stores.during the process of bargining,you can full enjoy the exciting of bargain,before bargaining i always make a plan of how to cut price,besides you should master the salesman's character and cope with it imediately,after succeed in bargain you will get a feeling of achievement,it is just like a battle of fighting.isn't it funny,do you want to bargain?hehe



"Bargain" is virtually a trick and an art as well. In everyday life, you may make a bargain for no reason, maybe because you are fond of chatting with others, making a bargain with the shop owner or having a competition of eloquence, which may become joy of life. 

"Niggard" is what everyone considers "mean" or "stingy", "haggling over every once".

When you go shopping, do you care for bargaining? Do you believe that the one who "bargains" is a "niggard"? Welcome to share your secret of "bargain".



i am not a keen bargainer because i am an introvert. so every time when i bought something i always make a quick deal. and i think the shopper maybe thinki i am a amiable person. in fact, in supermarket i can't make a bargain because all the prices are fixed while in some stall-keepers, i dont' like to bargain with the owner if he is an aged man or woman.
but my mother or mother-in-law is a good barganer so if i need to buy some clothes, i always go with them together.



I think everyone hopes to get the desired goods with the lest money.
This viewpoint can be proved by the shopping promotion activities on holidays.
A successful bargain depends on the site and time.
If you go to the exclusive store in the big shopping mall, it's impossible to deal with the price.
If you go to a stall or a booth, we are supposed to bargain.
Because the shopkeeper have not uniform price standard.



Bargain with someone for something,this is just one of the daily work in  our  life.

You can find it everywhere not just in a shop.

In the food [grocery; vegetable] market,we usually bargain with the peddler for small pennies.

Yes,it may only save you one chiao per day,but in the long term,saying a year,two year,or more,it may be not just a small figure as you thought.This also reflects someone who is good at housekeeping.:)

In the business negotiation,the buyers incline to bargain with the sellers.Offer,then counter offer etc..

In this regard,it really tests your ability on business transact.

In most of the shops,seldom you can find there is marked prices for the commodities.Usually,the salesclerk  will tell you a price,then he will asked for the target price in your mind.Thus come and fro, finally,it deals.

Even,there is a marked price,the salesclerk also will wait for your target price.

It seems bargain with the salesclerk of the shop is just a common action.

Have you ever thought why it is so popular for Bargain in a shop? I think the main reason is for lack of normalization for marked price.

Summing up,I don't think the one who "bargains" is a "niggard"?



in my opinion , if you always make  bargain with shop owner ,  because you  don't like waste or squander extavagantly . and you like your life . you know is hard to make money .so bargain is not a iniggard .



i like bargaining with the shop owner when i buy somthing . sometime i can afford the fee of the clothes or shoes ,but i still bargain with sales. on one hand, i enjoy the joy of bargaining; on the other hand, i think the price is higher .
mean or stingy ,i think i am,sometimes.



Frankly, I am the person who like bargain if possible. But I don't think people who make a bargain with shop owners mean niggard.
I experienced one thing when I was a middle school student in clothes market with my cousin. My cousin had a great interest about a red cheongsam, which is so suitable for her that the clothes is just prepared for her appearance, thus my cousin liked it very much. Then the shop owner told us that cheongsam worth 500. I really can't believe it! So I had a bargain with shop owner and finally my cousin got it by paying 50.
Afterwards, I always made a bargain with some shop owners which bid is too high. My opinion is money should be used where they are needed most. I know some rich man are very generous for buying luxury goods and enjoying, of course, they don't need bargain as they have sufficient money, but they are virtually stingy for donating when earthquake happened in Wenchuang or some other acting of charity.
I looked down upon this kind man even they have money. In fact, the definition of niggard should refer to this kind man.



"Bargain" is virtually a trick and an art as well. In everyday life, you may make a bargain for no reason, maybe because you are fond of chatting with others, making a bargain with the shop owner or having a competition of eloquence, which may become joy of life.



Given that abounding misinformation in markets and hideous practice of pricing results with opportunistic prices, bargaining is natural corrective to the power inbalance. It's more of a culturally symbolic matter, indicating how lack of integrity and professional ethics gets popular amongst businesses. It's a game of number, however shameful one, with seller informationally and psychologically better poised to get his way done.
I seldom bargain with stands, but sometimes making a good one doesn't feel that bad at all,which reassures me of one thing:"I own and control the money,I spend it whatever the way I like."
Generally I am a pickey one about nearly everything,but when it comes to shopping at a stand, I rarely pick and choose, because when picking it's like I was taking advantage of other customers subsequent to me.
Nevertheless, bargaining is our self-evident right to fend off willful frauds by others.I won't call those bargaining for cut-price stuff "niggards".



Bargin !If I have time I will do it.
before  I go to shopping ,I  list  what I will buy that time and most of the time I go supermarket ,I can't find a person to bargin with.
I don't think bargains equals niggard. what I think is that if I bargain you say I am a niggard,I will say if you are a seller ,If you don't sell the good in low price ,you are a niggard too.



When you go shopping, do you care for bargaining? Do you believe that the one who "bargains" is a "niggard"? Welcome to share your secret of "bargain".

When I go to shopping, I'd like bargaining with shop owners or the clients, and I also don't think "bargains" is a "niggard".

As we all know that even hot stars like bargaining when they go shopping, and they should have enough money. The person who like bargaining maybe bacause they like the those feelings when they use less money to buy the same things, and most importantly they get a sense of accomplishment. And some people like these kinds of ways to chat with the other people, it is very interesting.

The secret of my bargain are as follows:
Keep smiling to the one you bargain with, and to praise them for their dress or appearance. For example, when I met a woman who has a soft skin, I will say: "wow, you have a good skin!" then, she will be very happy, and she will give me favorable prices.

Stay longer when they don't want to sell the goods with that price, and you looks very pitiful. That is, you anxiously want to buy that thing but you have not got enough money. The purpose of this is to stir their compassions for you, you know, everyone is kind in the deep heart.
When you pass by her place, even though you will not buy things, but stay with her and talk with her. To talk some common topics and share her sorrows. The better way is to be a friend with her.



I am not good at bargain, but i really want to be the person who bargain well. I go to bigger market where we can not bargain, not because i am rich, but i really i don't know how to bargain with them....



I don't think the one who bargains is a niggard, on the contrary, I think the one who doesn't bargain is a idiot, and the one who can negotate a good price is a talent.

Nowadays, there are so many dishoest merchant with a "dark heart" outside, we may always be tricked into buying somethings inevitably. I have to admite that I'm not a good bargainer, I always buy things more expensive than other people do. The following is a typical bargain process that I once experienced.

Me: "Store owner, store owner, how much does this jacket cost?"
Seller: "200 rmb."
Me:"Come on, give me a little cheaper."
Seller: "okay, 180"
Seller: "all right...give it to you!"

In this case, I did try to bargin with the store owner, and I did make the price lower, but actually the seller still has a large profit to earn. Afterwards, I did some research on how to bargain, here is some good suggestions to make a good deal.

(The same example)
Seller:"sir, do you want this jacket?"
(let the seller ask you, you just pretend to be window-shopping)
Me:"Unh...It looks okay."
(again, hide your true need and thought, even you like the jacket pretty much, do not compliment on the products, otherwise the seller will raise the price. )
Seller:"you don't know this clothes, it's the ultimate in fashion!"
Me:"let me try it"
Me:"how much?"
Seller:"just 200 rmb!"
Me:"make it 100 rmb!"
(whenever you bargain on clothes, beat it down half a price at least, don't be shy! )
Seller:"you kidding,  100 is not enough even for my purchasing price!"
Me:"well, it's my bottom price. "
Seller:"come on, handsome guy, such a good jacket! you look so great wearing it!"
(he is apple-polishing)
Me:"it's okay, besides, the texture of it isn't so good! and I don't like its color! "
(always point out something you don't like so much)
Me:"100! I ask you the last time!"
(always speak with a firm irresistible voice, make a dead line, pretend you're leaving)
Seller:"okay, okay, 100, deal!"
(even you've gotten the ideal price, still pretend to have a unpleasant look, otherwise next time you buy things from him, he's known your bottom price.)

That's a good bargain, but you guys have to know that in clothes trade, there is always a huge space of price to negotiate. Even you've beaten it down to a half, the seller may still have a profit to earn, so beat down the price hard!

All in all, I think a good business man should have the ability to bargain, it envolves a lot of things, like negotiation skills, fast-thinking skills, decision-making skills, observation skills...and so on. I need to pratise a lot before I become a successfull bussiness man.



after browseing  everyone's experience about bargining with the shopkeeper. i feel so sad, because i m  not good at bargin. i m a man ,careless ,impatient,so ofent  i bonght the stuff with a more higher price than others. i prefer to buy goods at supermarkter where the price of merchandise is fixed  rather than at a small store where the priece is double or three times than normal price



In most case the price offered by the shop owner is higher than the actual price, i used to compare the price with different shop and choose the cheapest one, then bargain with the shop owner,if i can't make bargain with the shop owner, i will choose another one and continue to bargain. i  always bargain with three shops at least, until there is no space of bargaining, the cheapest one will be my choose.

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