Violent Storms Kill 3 In Northern Missouri

Violent storms tore through four Midwestern states, killing three people in northern Missouri, damaging dozens of homes and leaving thousands without power.

State Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Susie Stonner said one victim was an elderly woman in a mobile home in Milan in Sullivan County.

Two other people died in neighboring Adair County, said communications operator Tammy Babcock of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. She called all three deaths are tornado-related.


Violent Storms Kill 3 In Northern Missouri



KMBC's Lisa Teachman talked to a woman who survived the tornado in a car. She and her young son were driving home when they got caught in the storm. She pulled over to the side of the road, and the tornado blew out her car windows. They were not injured.

The city of Kirksville in neighboring Adair County apparently took the hardest hit. Jim Robertson's auto dealership was damaged, and Stonner said three people were injured near the dealership when their car was blown off the road. Angkor Wat

Homeowner Jerome Williams was in his home having dinner when he saw the tornado coming toward him over the car dealership.

"We went into the basement and got into the corner. We probably hadn't been down there three or four minutes, and we could hear everything falling in up above, and water start running down. So after we thought it was over, I went up and tried to get out, but my door was jammed shut -- I couldn't get it open," said Williams, whose home was seriously damaged in the storm.

Kirksville police Det. Sgt. Ron Celian said about 30 to 40 homes were damaged and one destroyed at the north end of Kirksville.

There were no injuries reported at Truman State University.

Authorities told KMBC that tornado sirens did sound in the area.

A major north-south highway, U.S. 63, closed temporarily in the Kirksville area because of a gas-line leak and downed power lines.

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