Who will you stand up for, your boss or colleagues?

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You will win praise, bonus and promotion when you win the favor of the boss, but you may be envied and expelled by your colleagues; if you get yourself involved in the office and have a harmonious relationship with others, you have to follow suit and avoid being too active. Will you choose to get intimate with the boss, follow the mass, or play the safe? Share your experience with us!


Who will you stand up for, your boss or colleagues?

Who will you stand up for, your boss or colleagues?


Actually I will not stand for any side, it's very important to deal with the relationship between boss and colleagues.

If you need your job, then you cann't offend your boss directly, otherwise you may be treated unequally, he may give many opportunities to others which belongs to you, and you will not be promoted, either. Maybe the worst result is you will be fired.

Colleagues are people who you meet everyday and cooperate with very often. If you cann't get along well with them, you may feel upset and terrible all day long, you may feel everyone has conflict with you and they all treat you badly. They don't ask you out, ask you for dinner, even there is a party, everyone will be there except you, because they didn't invite you. How will you feel if it's the fact? Terrible! Of course.Seychelles

Don't involve in any conflict between boss and colleagues because you cann't affort it.


I think today's topic is useful. How to deal with the relationship between boss and colleague is really troublesome, I am also disturbed for this problem. Both of them are important comparably. Boss holds the reins of us, if we do not meet his/her requirements, we may be kicked off, but ,if we don not have a harmonious relationship with our colleague, we will be expelled, too difficult.

We can change nobody except our own.. First, we should be considerate and generous to our colleagues. Do not self-centered. Consider problems from their angles, if necessary, it is worthwhile to sacrifice our own benefit. Second, when others are in trouble or setback, offer our help munificent. Good relationship is reciprocal, when you have difficulties ,they also give you their hands. Third, master conversational skill, when talking, listen to them carefully and give them feedback timely. Do criticize anybody in private, but you can praise anybody in public.last but not least,care our own business ,do not be inquisitive, do not be a rumor monger  .

How to communicate with boss ?First of all, As a saying goes know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. We should learn his or her character and favor. As  clerks, we should do our own work well, no boss will like a clerk just talking and do not work. Only do work well can you make deal with them. Secondly, do not think bosses can be a friend in private, even in private, do not play a joke randomly. Respect them, sometimes ,say same nice words are also necessary, anyone likes to be praised much more bosses. In fact, as  bosses , they really care about is profit, if you can bring them huge profits, they will not baffle you.


The colleagues and superior, who is more important? Of course both are important.

The superior is only one, but the colleagues are many.  In working life, it's not one to one ( you and your superior) but all stuff to one superior. When you just want to please your superior and ignore your colleagues that will not only catch the disgusted eyes from them and also you may have many troubles in your job. Although you complain that, I do not believe that your superior would offend other colleagues just because of you.

The relations between the colleagues must be managed well. It's could not be more simple, no need overdoing. Just be honesty to each other. Anyhow we are all workers to work for the boss. With a kind heart, we will help, support to each other. However there are some flunkies that can never see the good to you, or make troubles to you just because they don't like you. When you meet such kinds of persons, never mind, just do your business carefully, in the case to be found any problem by them. After working, there are many good chances to bring up the good relations of your colleagues life. Such like, you have a meal with them, talking freely… But do not have a meal with your superior alone, somehow it will makes your colleague feel that you have a mind to please your superior or complain others. So your colleague will leave you on purpose. To avoid you will say something bad in the case.

Please notice, the superior is not a boss ( employer), if you show your ability too much, your superior will cry you up however is not really from his heart. But for him, perhaps it's a danger signal that you will be better than him and replace him some day. So that he will beware of you.

Then you have to choose to follow with mass. After all, the power of a group is not weaker than a superior.

What I want to say is no matter you are able or not, if you want to lead a smooth life in your job, like a fish in the water. You have to manage well the relations with your colleagues and your superior. To displease any of them is not acceptable. Of course hard work is more important than all.


Since I haven't  take part in work yet , maybe I can't understand the subtle relationship
between each other in the workplace completely, while I think the practices of dealing
with others is similar.
Differnt people have different idea. In order to gain bonus ,promotion or other benefit ,
someone are willing to flatter his/her boss.Jealousy,envy,scorn``````They don't care if
you look down unpon him/her.What they really care about is the substantial benefit.
Frictions  between colleagues are inevitable in the race of pursuing personal benefit .

Others believe that it is necessary to get along well with both the boss and colleagues .
Yet it is an art to deal with the relationship of the two .I think the one who can take care of
this must be very good at communicating.A man with foreseeing mind know how to climb to
the top of the mountain step by step.
Besides,there is a small part (or big?) people just want to live in a harmonious enviroment,
they don't offenden anyone .Without ambitions,they just follow suit and never play the safe.
As far as I know , this kind of person is about to retire, thery just ask for safety.Generally speaking,
this kind of person live in ease,but achieve nothing in his/her life.
In my view, it is undoubtely that the second one is the best way to choose. While I know ,to become
the expert of this field is not easy,there still a long way to go.


Before i am absolutely the later, but the reality tells me if you want to achieve success you should keep a good relationship with your boss, that's means most of the time, you should follow his idea...


the office politics is a complicated problem for everybody. if one want to win praise, bonus and promotion , need not only to win the favor of boss, but also to get support from your colleagues. in real life, the two sides are not easy to keep balanced. on the boss's point, he need a fast subordinate, a quick-mind person and a steady and sure performer, what's more, if you want to be a blue-eyed boy, you should play the role of bridge between boss and other employees. while on the point of colleague, they need a sincerely friend , a good cooperator, and if you want to be in their loop , you should take an active part in their topic or other things, including speak ill of your boss. so if you want to make success, you should be sophisticated, sometimes should be as slippery as eel, in one word, try to get both side's favor and support. easy saying, but not easy done.


I have some words to say.
I have many years working experience.
TO BOSS: I did work with care and honesty. and i tried my best to finish my job,but not beyond my work range.  you just need enough ability to finish your job. it is all.
TO COLLEAGUE:do you find being friend is more possible which he /she was your classmates than your colleague? Althought it is a fact,but we should communicate with colleague naturally,and get together to finsh jobs kindly.
At all, i think they havenot interfere between boss and collegue. the boss would be glad that we finish great job,and the colleague would keep good touch with you. so we are all in a line ,me,boos,collegue!


As we all know, our boss have played an extremly important role in our salary , bonus, and promotion, which means he can decide your life quality, also your career development. A good boss can save you much time from studying by yourself, he is your teacher in society.
We have to acknowledge good relations with our colleagues is essential. Some people may be in close connection with their colleagues most of the time they stay in the work place,  it is hard to imagine how bad your mood is when all your colleagues treat you like an enemy or stranger. How can you work with guys who dislike you?
"To be is to be in relations" . This means the more relations a person has, the more he is alive, the more wonderful his life is. Contrariwise, no matter which relation he loses, his life would be affected to some extent.
Now that the two relations are of great importance, can we keep them altogether?
Yes, they are not real conflicts between them.How to win the favor of your boss? not your verbal expression, but your action, action speak louder than words. When you contribute  a lot to your team, your boss will notice one day, then praise, bonus, and promotion will come. Meanwhile, your colleagues will adore your excellence rather than envy you. On the contrary, indeed, you have done little, and yet you like to show before your boss, your colleague will despise you for your dishonesty. The key point is we should be low key even though we are the star in the teams because people hate those who are not modest in China.
How to keep good relations with our colleagures? we have mentioned before, yes , be outstanding in our achievement and also be modest about our successes. In addition, be warm hearted when others are in need if we can help them. Of course, integrity is vital. Once you own these qualities, you 'll be welcomed by your colleagues.
Both relations with boss and with colleagues will be good if we work hard and be friendly. Keep in mind never be proud of your success, which will lead to your greater achievement.


Speak of this matter, i should say that I am a lucky one. I want to gain a lot of acknowledge from our boss, which is our boss's wish too. When i communicate with my boss closely, my collegues don't hate me, but to catch up with me, so i feel very good, i give them stress, and they are all happy too. i would never let my collegues jealous of me, cause i will share my happiness with all my collegues,


hn...What can I talk about? I am a college student .I know few about the so called white collar.But in my opinion ,the boss and the colleague are all importent, and the company which has competition would have the energy


some days ago,I have shared the same experiences.
I will not stand for any side,I will study to deal with the relationship between boss and colleagues.studying how to deal with the relationship is   working capability,If we want to be successful ,we must study the capability.


No permanent enemies, no permanent friends, only permanent interests


Of course, the best way to solve this conflict is to get along well with both colleagues and boss. But if so, it is difficult for u to make soul friends with people around. For me I prefer to stand up for colleagues because time together with colleagues is much more than with boss and it is more possible to make friend with them. I believe, according to my experience, if u get along well with all of colleagues and then your boss daren't to be picky with u provided that you peform well in your work. Never try to betray your around to get appraise, bonus, promotion and something like that, if you do like this, you must be unhappy in your later life because you will spend your whole life to forget your fault.


Actual topic,if you have joined the work .you have to face this case. A hand is your colleague,the other hand is your boss, If you offend either side of them. you maybe lose your position, so sometimes maybe we should  study "weixiaobao"who is the TV characters in the " Tv name is "luDingJi",if you have saw this  play ,you will know ,in this side he have a good handle although sometimes we feel he is Very hypocritical,what do you think about it?


Being influenced by so many teleplay, i think just  being a kind hearted person and doing what is right is enough.

Thinking more, troublesome more. Maybe you are concerning about your superior and want to share your colleague's sadness, both are sincere. However,  no matter what it is, there always are people like it or not, so too much considering of other's responce will upset yourself only. don't fuss yourself by such silly things.

as long as  treating others with your pure-hearted, superior or colleague, despite who is it, you will earn other's  esteem finally without fail.

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