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How do you relax yourself after work when you want to relief your pressure, obtain happy marriage or find your separated friends? A website named "kaixin (happy)" has been prevailing among the white collars in the big cities.

A survey has revealed that "kaixin" has ranked the first of the "top ten masked websites of China" because of its popularity among the white collars for one year. Though many companies have begun to mask the "kaixin" website, many net pals have worked out their countermeasures. When we searched "the ban of kaixin website" over Google explorer; we got about 2,840,000 results, together with various cracking ways.

Since it is difficult to force out the "kaixin" website, the regulation of the company has no practical function. In order to ensure the work efficiency, some companies have to take some mandatory measures. It is reported that one manager stipulated in the workbook of the employees "it is the banned to log in kaixin110.com; anyone who breaks this rule for more than five times will be dismissed." Tokelau

'Spring breeze brings the splendid pear blossoms over night.' Nowadays the white collars may not press the fingerprint when punching in, they will not forget to log in the kaixin.com, why is it so popular?

Why the Chinese white collar passion for "kaixin001.com"SNS?


I am sorry, This is my first tiem heard of "kaixin". There are many people like this web, at this way, I want to see this web after off duty. hehehehe........

It is the same as above my feedback, at first, I think the most of white callar first choosed into this web due to verdure,Don't mention how about its content for the moment, stand on people's basic position, for fresh, curious thing, every people have a kind of desire what is "see through the riddle", then choosed the "kaixin"

Secondly, as per above saying by floorer, in this web can "" relief your pressure, obtain happy marriage and find your separated friends" No doubt, Clearly, this give white callar a bigger help, We are tired after work for 8 hours one day, They can in virtue of this kind of flat roof, let them happy to the top of their bent, find themself happy, glad thing, Sure it will gain every people's satisfaction and support, then choosed the "kaixin" accordingly

Lastly, I think as a worker, you must arrange your time with reason, under not affect work's state, make useof your rest time properly to go to web and dunk the web, this is natural, Any company hasn't this kind of the right to limit it, So the precondition is non-work time, no affect, ont only your work, but also yourself, Why don't you do that?



first, i have to correct a mistake. not 110, it's 001, and kaixin.com is just a copycat of kaixin001. they are still in dispute.
kaixin001 was a SNS website. seems like their major customer was office worker group, but with the growing of user number, their register user from everywhere.
kaixin001 was successful, but not special, just added a couple of game programs which were seen in facebook. so what made kaixin001 popular?
i think there are two related factors. one is the customer group they selected. another is the group was more potential than we thought.


I haven't registered in this website so far. I knew it since I read the news about prohibiting this website among the white colars. I have read some introduction about it, then I found it was much same with the Xiaonei. I started to browse Xiaonei about three years ago when it just begin to be popular. I could talk something about why Kaixin was so popular, as same as the reasons of Xiaonei' popularity.
First, you can come into contact with many friends and get into the broader social relationship than you have now. As in Xiaonei, you can search classmates in your college as well as in the middleschool. Maybe you can find some friends that you have lost their message for many years. You can know their busic information as well as their current life . You can talk with them to pick up your lost friendship again. As in Kaixin, its scope is much broader, you can meet net friends with the same interests to find a precious friendship or your the other part.
Next, there are many interesting games in such website, such as feeding the animals, planting and steal some vegetables and fruits, scrambling the paking place, buying friends and so on. Because repeating work in the office everyday, sometimes you will find it so boring, meaningless, and sometimes you have nothing to do, it will be a good entertaining way to play these games. You will find interests in it in this way to kill time and relax.
Besides, it has some magic, then you have to play it everyday to check the messages and the games everyday even every hour. If you don't do it, you will feel something missing.
Thus, the website is so popular, but if we think deeply, we may find it only wasting our time and energy. Connecting with friends is of use, but the game sometimes is just unnecessary. So, let's treat it with reason, and play it temperately.


What a coincidence! Last night my husband told me there was a prevailing website named "Kaixin" and many white collar often logged on it to reduce their pressure even during working time. And now here this topic appears again. hehe. To be honest, I am sorry I have never logged on it  although I am an office lady. I don't think it is a best way to reduce your pressure because playing virtual games like this will increase instead of decrease your tired state. For me,when I feel like I am under too much strain I will call my friends or parents. You can talk about your present difficulty with them and take their advice. Even finally they really can't help you to solve your problem but chatting with them will definitely release your psychological burden to some extent. So don't indulge in net and try to chat with your friends and relatives more often!



I registered this site last year, as i know this website cannt be registered by yourself, you must be introduced by your friends, ME too , one of my friends told me there is an interesting site called Happy, and sent me the link to this site, then i became the number of this website, however, when I did some test on it , i feel it just so so , and seldom touch it again. This year, some other friends sent me this site again, and i logged once more, and this time people can plant and steal the vegetables there, this makes me feel a little intersting, from that time on, i liked to plant to steal to obtain the vegetables, and everyday i would miss it.
it's just a fun , nothing else



In my opinion,only people who have nothing to do will abandon himself to the so-called "kaixin110.com",and he is bored with his emptiness.Working time means nothing to them but something to waste if they spend most of their time on finding "happiness"on the Internet!
Compared to the "xiaonei" ,users of kaixin are more white collars than students .It makes people believe that netizens on kaixin are more mature than those on xiaonei.But actually they are absolutely the same!
In a word,the kaixin issue is in fact something on one's attitude instead of the rules.Where there is a rule,there is a method to break the rule.Only when the white collars used to goofing off begin to wake up to realize their responsibilities,can they stop visiting the kaixin website during their working time.


Along with the progress of world, the white collars' pressure from work more and more heavier.However, we can free to do farmer, plant all kinds of fruit, plant and and flower ect, and enjoy the harvest. Also, we can give our harvest as a gift to our friend, and invite all friends to my family have lunch. On the other hand, we can keep touch with friends, classmates, colleagues and so on in anywhere and anytime. In a word,  We love "Kaixin100.com", because, we can give loose to play game, communicate with friend, do what we want to do, say what we want to say...So, in my opinion, "Kaixin100.com" is really necessary for us.



In our company .,we only can use the Email .send and receive  the Email .cant ues QQ  MSN ,if they open the internet for us ,we cant brush the website not related the job .it is so strict .we have any freedom .
I don't  think  this policy is well  for worker ,.i think when they finish the job ,they should release theself ,then the efficiency will improve.



reasons are simple. white collars spend eight housr a day at office, sitting in chair and facing computer. and due to current ecoomic downturn, most business becomes slow. so office workers are not quite busy during working hours. kaixin001 gives them a chance to kill free time. it's easy to log on and play. unlike on-line games, it takes little time. plus, they can meet with their co-workers, old classmats, friends and others on the kaixin001. also a place to make new friends. to draw users, it launches several game programs like buying cars, houses, planting vegetables etc. more and more workers join the game. this might be explained by the conflicit between social reality and personal desire. they play it to fill the emptiness of hearts.



I am not a white collar, nor have I played it ever.
But I believe that nothing happens without a reason.
Below are supposed to be some possible reasons.
To begin with, the website must be very attractive. So people would struggle their way to the website,in spite of the ban or regulations.
Second, the white collars always have plenty of time to entertain themselves.If it is not because the work need little time to cope with, it must be the high pressure that force them to squeeze some time to relax or to escape from the pressure for a while.
Last but not least, most people like to follow the crowd. As a matter of fact, logging in kaixin website has been a kind of fashion, even a symbol of status of white collars. Since there are so many white collars are immersed in kaixin website, more and more people are eager to join them to declare that they are not old-fashioned ones.



so sorry for hearing of this website first time.I see I am not a white collar.
just kidding!nowadays there are much pressure in our lives and works.we can not stay in  high tightl states all time. when people must relax,they always find a way to release their stress.I think the managers should enforce their staff enhance work efficiency and help them relax themself at meantime.


It is the first time for me to hear such website ,so I search some informations over Google explorer ,one of an articles wrote : the white collars like to log in Kaixin website to play games which are very attraction to them .For example ,they like to go there to do some housework ,just like "harvest their vegetable from the garden,  help others to suppress weeds and water their flowers ,etc ."It is same as people use QQ , when we feel bored ,we like to log in QQ to chat with others from different places ,we also like to browse Q zone from others ,leave some messages to them so that to help them to water the flowers .Because of many pressures are on the shoulder , finding something is fun to them and release their mind become more and more important to them ,maybe we also can say it is the necessary of their spirit. That's the reason for why the white collar passion for "Kaixin001.com "



kaixin web is so  popular in my corporation that almost of the colleagues browse it before the work begining.every day .I don't like it.but i often log in xiaonei for fun.i believe that is a kind of gam platforme for the young people,specifically college students.i became a member of xiaonei since grade two at university.it is very not popular at that time.the information of members in xiaonei are not fake but real,we can find the classmates and old friends which have't contact with each other for many years.one of my Middle school classmate got my message two days ago .



That is true . Most of my friends ,workmates ,roommates are over-interested in in this web . They bought cars ,houses , furnitures and luxurious things on this web ,living a virtual life .
The biggest reason for this web hit the white collar is that it gives them a full feeling of satisfication to have some thing which they always wish to get but normally can't own them currently in the real world.


To be honest, I have never visit the "kaixin" website. In my mind, it is a website which is similar to QQ games or "xiaonei" website, isn't it?
Although I'm not a white collar, I can image the reasons why they are so addicted to it. Working under the heavy pressure, they need a way to relax themselves, while surfing in "kaixin 110.com" is one that accessible.
As for me, I'm not so infatuated with the internet. I prefer to go out the door and do some exercises, or play sports games with my friends. After every accomplishment, not only can I enjoy the sense of relaxation, but also well concentrate on the following work..
When it comes to the ban of kaixin website, it's not so advisable to ensure the work efficiency by this way for it can not settle the essential problem thoroughly. What managers should do is to provide more opportunities for their staff to take part in easy activities which I think must be good to improve the efficiency. A nice mood is of great importance.
Just for reference. Thanks!



I known this website from my classmates.He would log in the kaixin.com everyday.I known something about kanxin.com.People would play a farmer and have their land to grow vegetables.You also can steal your friends' vegetables to contact with them.There are lot programs you can do to make relationship between you and your friends more fastness.
As for me,I don't interest in kaixin.com.My classmates advised me several times to play with him.But I refused him.So I think it's related with people's interest.On the other hand,if people busy for somethings everyday,I think they wouldn't log in kaixin.com.Just like my friend.when he feel boring or has nothing to do that he would like play in kaixin.com.
For people who like play in kaixin.Especially for white collars.In my opinion,they would have lost leisure time or their work is so easy that they would play it to cost their rest of work time.I don't think one would log in kaixin if his or her life full of things wait him or her to solve.In terms of another reason,may people often under pressure from work or society in modern life.It's a good and simple way for them to relax theirsevles.I think white collars would belong to this person.We can't make conclution that it's bad for them to play kaixin.com.But it's right that people would do their work first in the work time.IF you are the boss,you wouldn't want to your underling do like that.So let us discuss this issue from different aspects.



I am also one of white collars ,I have played KAIXIN website for about one month .In my opinion,KAIXIN FARM is the most interesting part.You can grow many different kinds of plants and you can feed some animals such as cattle chicken and piglet .You can also change different styles of scene which  is your favored .That is terrific!
Recently,I found a new purpose of KAIXIN FARM ,that is you could use it as a tool for counting time.For example ,you need make a plan for your studying or something firstly and then you begin maintenance you own farm,as you know,you must spend some time on arriving every higher grade ,so you should establish a certain aim for a grade or couple grades and eventually you can check if  your aims have been finished when you arrive different grades .This is much more interesting than the game itself ,I think .
Anyway,I like this website so much!!



This is my first time to hear of kaixin001.com,in view of curiosity I reregistered an account just now to  find what it is used for .
I thought it was somewhere to spread unhealthy or nasty information before I open the net .Acctually ,it's far different from what I thought ,it's a nice way for us to make friends ,enjoy musics ,write blog ,especially for those white collars with a great pressure in job to relax themsellves after work.
If the white collars are indulge themselves too much in the website ,i do hold the opposite view of it .Working people should keep good balance between working and leisure time .Grown people should have good self-control ability,we sould not let things go until boss to ban the website.
Indeed ,it's popular that they resort to this kind of website to entertain themselves off work for the sake of enjoying the happiness from the virtual world.



our company all the time, today DianBei at last found a manager, furious, operation: who access convergence, don't let him see!
I know why everybody likes the nets, I was not happy, but should be the first registered account, that is boring!
Actually choose happy is boring net website, spend time, the influence of work, virtual, believe to be able to train the affection between the colleague, but now more and more people's ability to control, so far from the reality, the society!
Happy nets harvest make us lose more.
I approve of closed happy net! Also a normal mental environment!



Though i have a kaixing account,and when i am free,i often log in.but i dont consider it extraordinary,by contrast to qq website,it is somewhat fresh,and the website constantly develop some new mearsures to abstract its customer.but i dont think i can last long,after all it is just a minus game.actually so many people even seems to addict in it.in my opinion,it is not valuabel to make such a fuss.so many people are on the kaixing,not because their work presure,just because they are too free.if you really arrang you work all the time ,you at all have no time to log in it.



many people like the kaixin website so much,because they have nothing to do even want to do.they use the website to waste time,such as relief their pressure, obtain happy marriage and find their separated friends.but please tell me what are you get after you play this web? I donot think it is a gond way to relax.You only waste energy ,time and money .the happy what you abtain is temporary.I just to say that people indulge in kaixin web,only reveal that their  mind are not mature.no any plan for their future,In a word ,it is not  a meaningful matter.



I used to get recommended by my colleagues to join the "Kaixin001.com". They persuaded me get registered and found the happiness that white collars feel hard to have in the stress plagued world. Highly expected, I logged on it, but, it turned out to be a boring experience for me. "Kaixin001" gives us happiness no more than raising a lovely pet or chasing a pretty girl living in the visionary world.
If we really take a serious look at people around us, I think we can find the real happiness brought by them. Actually, there is a lot of happiness we have ignored -- A heart-to-heart chat with your wife, a true promise to your daughter on her birthday and a long-awaiting family reunion with your old parents.
Happiness is very easy to find, but we should learn to treasure and share with who you love the best. "Kaixin001.com" can surely give us much joy, but what leaves us shortly after logging out? So, I do believe happiness is always around us if we can learn to love our family, friends and those who love us, too.



I work in bank,but I don't know if i am a white collar.because there are so much work to do,one by one,every minutes in business time..
So many customers call me to check if their inward remittance come to the account,and why  their outward remittance  have not receivede aboard.I need deal with all the problems of customers with smile.
I  have no time to chat with colleage, don't mention go to the internet play games like the "kaixin"
Many people have mentionde the website,but i don'k think it is a good way to relax themselfs.
fist of all, the white collar always work with computer all day,their eyes and shoulder are very tired.if they are going to play in the internet,their health will become worse.
then,all of the things in the internet is not real,even though people  reach the most high level,but when you close your computer,nothing.
So,we should try our best in reality,we should cherish  our health,our family,our work.
Don't spend all of time on internet.Go to  the wild,living in happy

by the way, thanks to the "kill Snow White" editor.I think my english is poor,but i find i have 15 cents today you award me.I am very happy,that gives me a self-confidence..i will work hard,thank you



I've many friends who have accounts of HAPPY website. Unfortunately, I don't have one. They told me they had to log in this website each day at least once, some of them more than twice. I've learned that they didn't want to play games so frequently, but they failed to control themselves again and again. They are addicted to these games on the website. Actually, I have played a similar game named buying and selling friends on QQ website. At the very beginning, I played it many times everyday.
I'd like to say something about why HAPPY website are so popular among white collars from my experience in playing QQ games. White collars do the same work day after day which will let them feel boring, so they need to find some outlets to entertain themselies. Additionally, they face many kinds of challenges in their daily work and have to work hard like a spring tightened. Without questions, HAPPY website has all the features to meet white collars's requirements to release work pressure. HAPPY website creates a beautiful virtual world for all white collars. It's a Utopia for every individual. In this world, you have everything you dream of without challenges and other unhappy things.
At last, I have to say utopian world is not reality. If indulging in it too deeply, it will be harmful. People trust in it too much will separate from the real world and may lose the proceeding directions. The wise way is to know the appropriate limits in playing these web games.



Actually I didn't know Kaixin website until I saw the topic of today's ICIBA. Just now I spent 2 minutes registering an account. I also googled it, I found that it was like a community like Facebooke or twitter.
I am not so familiar with the website. All these white collars must be bored of life. From playing a role on the website, in the virtual world, they may get sth they really need which they couldn't get in real life.



i have heard the website before,but never logged in.
why is it so popular among white collars?
i think there are several main causes.
1,nowadays people are more and more lonely,neighbours never visit each other,students and friends seldom keep touching,even those white collars get far away from their family,so they need go  to "kaixin"  spend their vacuous time.
2,"kaixin" is just like a platform for people communication.you can go here to show your picture,write diary,make friend and so on.
3,it is also a popular thing.if everyone around you played "kaixin",would you choose standing outside?



I logged in the Kaixin website, but I'm not very interested in this game, maybe because I haven't found fun in it.
Life for modern white collars is full of pressure, Kaixin is a place for white collars to get relaxed from stress, but it's not right to spend working time playing it, no matter how stressful or how boring your work is, I think we shouldn't play amid working, we should concentrate on our work, be responsible for our work.



It's not a curiously topic valuing so much attraction...
I think the really reason for so many people log in  "Kaixin net" is most of them have a sense of reaping where ones havent no sown.they enjor the feeling of stealing  to form a sense of achievement.Coz in the reality,one in thousand there will be the luckier who reaps where ones have no sown,and they want to be the one of them..so the game is in popularity.

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