Will you fall in love with two persons at once?

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One is your sweet heart you love with time passing by; the other is the lover you fell in love at first sight. When we fall in love with two people, we will probably sigh "Why didn't I know him /her earlier?" Have you ever got this kind of experience no matter you are in love or you have got married? If you fall in love with two people or you are one of the two, what will you do to deal with this? Please share your story with us!


Will you fall in love with two persons at once?


I think I cant  fall love with two ,but maybe some one attractive me ,but I cant get along with two at once . I don't want to hurt someone. And  I am afraid to be hurted .
I am a single-minded ,if I fall love with some ,I will love it with all my heart .,so I am easy to be hurted .



Yes....I have this kind of experience

The year in 2006, I were single and had a boyfriend and cohabited with him for 3 years. I didn't marriaged duo to I were too young. I remeber at that year, we often quarreled, every time when quaareled, I want to break up.but in the face of his, I didn't do that any more..After all he was my boyfriend who was I loved for 3years.Also at this year in National Day, I met a boy who was my schoolmate in the middle school. Due to we were met again after long time, so we were talked more and more, I told him that I and my boyfriend often quaareled and the sensation was not good.He was chary to help me to analyse,advise me. From then on,He often comforted me and cared me. I thought I gained something form him which didn't gained from my boyfriend, so I stared to fluctuate, I knew the boy like me. He had vindicated to me after several months, he said he wasn't meant to break our,but didn't saw me sad any more and gave me blessedness....Tt was same as love story on the book, I was my mind disturbed to him, at the same time I didn't put my boyfriend down and difficult to give him up, Actually I had a foot in two camp...falled in love with two persons at same time....

At last, I still found the answer, Now I were married and procreated a bady,so I want to a good wife for me husband, and a good mother for my dau.! So of cause love shoud be confused and stray, but you must find the exit, if you find, please cherish and cherish as well, then live happyness!


This week's topics are rather personal and emotional.

I guess he who claims of loving two persons at the same time is probably being attracted by two different attributes, say, one appeals to him with the physical beauty while the other fascinates him with the intellectual charm. He thus finds both attractive in different ways and thinks that he's fallen flat to two.

Another situation whereby this may occur could be one fails to satisfy certain expectations placed onto him/her by the partner, the guy thus turns to the other who exhibits such qualities.Zimbabwe

Whichever way it may be, my dear friend, don't confuse yourself. That's not love, that's lust. Or put it in a nicer term – attraction.

There're thousands of definitions of the word "love" but true love definitely involves responsibility. There's no such thing that "I deeply love them both but do not know which one to choose." Always bear in mind that your partner is not and will not be the best of everything in the World (there will always be someone who's better looking, more intelligent or humorous)

I don't admire young lovers' romance as most often it does not last. Rather, the scene of a pair of aged couple showing care and concern to one another always touches the deepest and softest part of my heart.

Love, let it start with a capital "L".

Will you fall in love with two persons at once?



Cherish your love!
Never give love to anyone who can't afford your love!

As a man in his thirties,  I have to shoulder many responsibilites by playing different roles in my life. Surely, one part of love is given to my wife, swearing to love her until the end of time. one part is given to my daughter, ensuring that she can grow up happily under the good care of her father, never neglecting of her birthday presents. one love is given to my parents, loving them the same as they love me when I was a liitle kid. one part is given to my students, ready to devote my life to enlightening them, helping them explore their future. Wow, so much love to give! It's tough to be a real man.  However, I enjoy giving all love to them because I am deeply involved in theirs.
Anyway, Love makes the  impossible possible.



If  i have a  sweat heart already, maybe I will appreciate other men, but never fall in love any more. The most important thing in love is loyalty. After years of lives with sweat heart, I may feel boresome, which is no a excuse for another romantic affair. But think of years of mutual understanding and tolerance, those sweat days we shared toger, I must think it seriously if it is worthy to hurt each other. Love is not just passion.



No. I can only fall in love with one person in a period. Maybe our ancestors can do this. That's because in the old days, a man always has more than one wife. So they can have an affair with several women at the same time, without the constrain of the moral standards. But today, dating with more than one person is regarded as a playboy, or a bitch. Even though we can see a lot of examples of "multi-angular love " in TV shows, we can hardly see a scene where a person loves two people deeply. The more common senario is that a man dates with a woman seemingly but actually loves another one; or a woman loved deeply with a man early, but loves another because the former one hurt her. But by the way, maybe the senario that a man loves two women deeply at the same time will be very interesting.



Fall in love with two person is absolutely possible for most of people in their whole life,especially for those who had already got marrage .it is easy to generate subtle relationship between a man and a woman no matter who are marraged or not.no one can guarantee he or she won't like someone else after got another part.but the point is if we need be loyal to our marrage,is it worthy to keep the original oath we made seriously .i think the answer would be different since everyone has the diffent life,so my answer is be responsibe ,be natrual.



Ha, it's a difficult topic for me, because I haven't got a lover. I haven't come across such situation yet. So, let me just imagine. But I don't think I will fall in love with two men at the same time. Maybe one by one, haha. You know, I am a Capricornus person, a loyal person to love, and it's the top rank in all constellations to be married with his/her first love. Isn't it interesting?

But if, I say if, when I am still in love with a person, I fall in love with another person. I think what I will do is just to keep the second person in my heart. Keep that love in the deepest of my heart. I don't want to make mistake and maybe as the time flies, that love will become weak and wane. Maybe the best way is to be the friends. I will only wish him good luck and happiness.

Will you fall in love with two persons at once?


I would like to share my opinions with you guys.
In my part, if he is my sweetheart, I will be fully devoted to him. Nobody can be perfect, so there are many many people who may be better than him. So I won't give my any chance to love others. One the other hand, I don't believe in first-sight love, I believe in long time relationship. First-sight love can only be called passion, or pulsive, I should say.
That is my firm belief: Don't fall in love easily, but once in love, be devoted!!



Maybe it is only an illusion.for my part,first love only denotes that there is  a chance that we fall in love with eath other,but it means nothing else. There are so many people worthy of love in the world, however only one is enough. 
we should believe that love is the destiny.Stick to your choice(if there is nothing wrong ).Love needs together-experience to keep it lifetime,and try something  interested to keep it fresh.


I should say one person can like two persons or more at the same time but can't fall in love with two persons simultaneously.
You may like two persons or more because with different people we would have different feelings, most of us want the life to be colorful, that's why we enjoy to have more friends, different kind of friends. But these are friends, not lover. The good feelings will be broken if we turn into lover.
Love is unique, nobody but him can give you the special feelings. He is the one whom you will think of to share the happiness, sadness at the first time; he is the one whom you think you can depend on and spend the rest of life with. In one word, he is unique and nobody can replace him. That's why I say one person can't fall in love two persons at the time; if you say you love two persons simultaneously, I should say you don't love him deeply and the unique relationship hasn't build up.



As a good man,he must ask himself who is the best lover in his mind,then begin sweet love with lover and end the game with the other one. although it is difficult to do this choice,but you must to decide during three months.because no one can share the lover with other person.it will hurt everyone in this situation.nobody can love two person in the same time.



In my opinion,love based on the well conigtion of each other,and time proves everything.We are all grown-ups,we always doubt the first expression,which means the first-sight love will disppear when we sit down and think over it.In a word,I don't believe in the first-sight love,I will choose to live with my present lover and face the difficullties together.


what a horriblr subject,but speak the truth,i can't definite what the "love" is,it's just a feeling that hard to explain.
let's say it in a easy way,when you meet a girl(i'm male),she looks so beautiful,she's talks so funny or she does something real cool whatever,you are attracted by her.then what would cross your little mind in that moment?A you gonna say a lots sweet words or do many things for her so that you could have a sex or something,B you just wanna come close to her and embrace her,when you together,even without saying a word,you could feel real happy also.
If it's the A case,i really could fall in love with two people,may three or four,but if it's the situation of B,there's only one girl in my life,always.



In my life, two of my friends' boys friends have fallen to anther girl when they are both in love. For me it is incrediable to believe. How can the two men to do such a thing? And so badly hurts to my friends. But it makes know that one person could love two at the same time! There is also one phenomenon that many rich men they seek lovers outside, but they still can not give up their wives! So in my view, men are more possible to love two person at a one time and put it into action!



Sometimes love will  lose your mind,but we can`t be confused by the double talk ! when you cheerless somebody often comforts  you .you will get a special feels ,then you fall in love with him/her slowly and slowly! in facts you come a sweety feels to her/him ,not fall in love with her/him! at  time you must keeep your minds clealy!don`t be foolish! trust your first feels and you smart eyes!cherish our love!cherish our family ! you`ll the happinest people in the world!



This topic contents some  shadiness,Will you love two peoples at the same time?
Everybody has hen/his own opinion, About love  ? It Is  heavenliness ,Nobody have the right to talk its right or wrong, Because Everybody have the right to love and be loved.Love and be loved  itself have any wrong;Are you agree? The key is How to love?The love is wether offend the law of our country; However,our country have no law to define the love; Our country don't allow to bigamy, However,it allow to remarry; The marry law  profit to  most of people.;
About loving two people at the same time,I think it is possible
It is said :" everybody will meet three person ,one is you love her/him .Second is he/she loved you ,the last is whom will have a live with you all the life.
The last is the better,and fitter.Because is not have best
people's desire is no end ,So we should learn to be content with our happiness.
If the lover you loved can't live together ,pls bless her and bury it.
You can't let your family harm from it.They  are  not wrong.
One day , IF  i  love two different person,   I will give it up  one of it.
Just it ,I and others can get out of it ,can have our happy life;
Wish all the loved  and be loved have a good future


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