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Miluo jiang-Xiangbei in the Xiangjiang River is the largest tributary. Hunan Province in northeast China. Mi-water upstream has two things Source: Derived from the East Xiushui County of Jiangxi Province; West expenditures in the northeast of Hunan Pingjiang Xian Long-Zhang Shan, two tributaries of Pingjiang Xian in the west concourse, the westward into the Miluo City, Lei Rock Hill into Dongting Lake . Miluo River total length of 253 km, the basin area of 5,543 square kilometers. Changle over mountain rivers flowing through hilly, water development, water rich. Following Changle, a tributary to import less, can be navigable river wide. Miluo River originate in Xiushui County, Jiangxi Province, west flows through the Pingjiang Xian, Miluo City (Mi-water and LUO Jiang-in the county in the concourse), into the Xiangjiang River to Xiangyin County. The length of the trunk stream of 253 km, the basin area of 5,543 sq. miles, for the Xiangjiang River in Xiangbei the largest tributary.


Miluo River's main tributaries of a river-chang, paper Ma River, the cars on the River, Tung Chung River, papaya River, gold holes. Luo water originated from Yueyang County plantain Au Pui Township, southwest flow to Miluo City, Bay Hill into the Miluo River, 88 km long, the China Travel Guide valley area of 595 square kilometers. Chang also known as Mei Xianshui rivers, source to screen Fu Ping Jiangxian northwest Shanxi Lu Jia-dong, in Yangmei in Hong Kong to Miluo River, 84 km long, the valley area of 670 square kilometers. Frogmore House

Miluo River famous, mainly because of the relationship between Qu Yuan. Spring and Autumn Period, Chu famous political family, was exiled poet Qu Yuan, in the Miluo River Bank-Community mountains lived. In 278 BC, the capital of Chu Ying (now Hubei Jiangling County) was defeated Qin, Qu Yuan was no hope to save the country, the Miluo River to die.

Qu Yuan, Miluo River to die

Qu Yuan


Miluo River in the east of Dongting Lake, the Dongting Lake water system. Hukou in the Miluo River into more than about 1.5 kilometers, Tanshui deep, is Sanlv doctor for Qu Yuan's martyrdom,it called River Park Lake, a monument in mind making. River Park Lake for part of the Miluo River, because here is not too deep, and for the Miluo River Bend site, Gu Ming River Park Lake, Legend has it Sanlv doctor on Qu Yuan's vote here, to commemorate him, the annual May Chu Wu, People along the Yangtze River running dumplings are here to satisfy the Miluo River travel food Qu Yuan, also held large-scale civil Dragon Boat. The original legislation in the river flood the monument has been Chongdao, has yet to repair. 

Local legend, Qu Yuan is not only for Jiang Shen, to be filled with sediment before the underwear, we should therefore called here today for Chensha Hong Kong. Qu Yuan Chu Xiangwang exile since being in the Dongting Lake area, the day he's not worried about the fate of the motherland, think of a war in the plight of our compatriots, he sad. In 278 BC, the Qin Bai Qi will have defeated Chu Ying (now Hubei Jiangling), Chen Chu Xiangwang defectors. I am shocked to learn of Qu Yuan, with an extremely sad mood, the north shore of the Han River, never to bid farewell to hometown Zigui and capital Ying, and then the southbound carriageway has been in Changsha. But in the minds of the nostalgic of the motherland, and therefore net Dongting. The cruel reality has finally made him feel despair, since there is no way out of, the ideals and aspirations of his life has been lost, we in the Miluo "Li Sao" the final chapter, in this Huaisha since Shen. Miluo River Huazhao the people have their own vessels to Qu Yuan's vote, to rescue the patriotic poet. People are worried that the fish and shrimp Kenshi Jiang Yuan, in rowing at the same time to the rescue, have their own on board the dumplings into the feeding fish and shrimp Jiang, which formed a Dragon Boat Festival dragon-boat race, the custom of eating dumplings. But people still can not rescue the patriotic poet alive, Qu Yuan Jiang for a few days after the salvage of the fishermen, the head of fish and shrimp macrophages to have been part of their daughter, son-in-law would give him the first half of the burial, son-in-law was worried that exhumation Pirates of the head, Suiyiluoqun touting soil to build suspected mass graves, the night was a case of Shenzhu built of 12 suspected mass graves.

MiLUO Jiang-Xiangbei in the Xiangjiang River. Hunan Province in northeast China


Miluo Jiangliang An Fenqiang cottages, Taohong Liulv, honest folk customs, water plants Feimei, with the typical style of Jiangnan Water Village. This leaves Qu Zi Temple, Sao altar, Qu Yuan Muqun, such as monuments and relics. Qu Yuan's tomb in the Miluo the mountains, hills-12 closure mound in the 1,500 square meters spread on the slopes, the mound before the legislature "is Dr. Chu Sanlv Tomb" or "Dr. Chu Sanlv tomb," Stone, Qu Yuan is 12 suspect Otsuka. May Chu Wu during the Lunar New Year, the Miluo River Bank to the people of the dragon boat races held a grand event to commemorate the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

In people's imagination, poetry is the Miluo River in the Holy Land home. Yu Kwang-chung of the poem "the upper reaches of the blue ink, is the Miluo River," was once again Zhuansong million people. In real Miluo River attractions life the Miluo River in what look like Law-enforcement inspection team along the river trip, to see it is the collapse of the Jiangan, rolling sand, though the gold, dredging vessels, indiscriminate dumping of refuse Jiang, is no longer a poetic Miluo River.


Pingjiang Chiayi Chongcun the town of Xian, Pinnacle Yuan-Shan, the Miluo River and around the village, a small peaceful village brought Lingqi. But unfortunately, these are only the villagers remain in the memory of the fragments. Now the Miluo River Chongcun bring the offer, in addition to sediment, there are lingering fear. Phantom of the Opera general of the Gold Rush, dredging vessels, during the Jiang-left a lot of ore, tail pile, diverted rivers, causing water blocking half. In Xian Chongcun a group of the riverside, fast Jiangliu disruption to the change, will be washed away in the Jiangan fragmented. It is estimated that only these few Miluo River tourism years time, a group has been washed away, collapsing take nearly 10 acres of land, originally from the Jiangan the three others, is now almost Linjiang standing on the racing current listen to the river, the night worried Jiangan collapse, three others 11 people, and everyone Jijiziwei.

According to reports, Xian-such as the status, whether in Pingjiang in, or not uncommon for domain Miluo City, just show different characteristics. Pingjiang in the Miluo River in the preceding paragraph, mining, gold discharge of sewage, tailings, water pollution and impede water flow. Into the Miluo City, Jiang potential flow slowed, but the disorder Caiwa Washa ship, destruction of natural river morphology, greatly affect safety in flood season. Law-enforcement inspection team members, on many occasions to participate in the Miluo River rectification actions in the agricultural committee chairman of the National People's Congress said Yuan Ronghua, the Miluo River governance, the key water and soil, pollution problems can not be ignored. The focus of treatment is to combat illegal gold, Washa, despite the interest-driven, difficult to ban illegal Caiwa 1:00, but after years of effort, we have the understanding of reunification, as long as the coordinated operations, firmly grasp and believe that Pretty soon, we will Also Miluo River to clean.

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