Social intercourse custom for France

Pay attention to the pomp of the dress and the renewal of the style.Women's seeing disguise and hairdressing is life of essential.Time idea is strong, the work plan is strong, carrying out the principle of"lady the first".Go to shake hands a gift habitually, have person's SHI WEN3 SHOU3's gift of[with] social identity certainly.Young girl often sit with crossed knees a gift.The men and women's, of the woman and of the man, also gets into the habit of kissing a cheek.Don't wish others to interfere with private matters in the social intercourse.The bad impression presents the perfume and first time to meet and then give presents toward the women.


Believe in taboo


Mostly believe in Catholic.Hate"13" with"Friday".Hate the yellow and dark yellowish green color.Hate the peacock and stork.See the thing that the chrysanthemum,azalea and walnut etc.s is bad omens.Like the art and the amusement activity.

Social intercourse custom for France

Food characteristics


The Frenchman will eat, also paying attention to eat.The French vegetables becomes popular world.The Frenchman likes to eat the snail and the frog leg, the most valuable vegetables is a goose liver.Like to drink.The characteristics of the French vegetables is fresh and delicate.The Frenchman also likes Chinese vegetables very much.




France is a nation that speaks the civilization manner.It is the tradition that the Frenchman be pround of to women's civility manner.The Frenchman meets to say "hello", the most familiar way nothing is better than in shake hands.However shake hands a is hold time and shouldn't lead long, two is have no necessity to grasp a somebody else's hand to put out strength a rock.BE a woman generally to stretch hand first toward the man, the elder stretches hand first toward the young.The superior gets down class to stretch hand first.




France is the first generally accepted mean by kiss affection of nation.The Frenchman kisses to have strict boundary:They at see arrive long separation heavy to meet of friends and relatives,colleague, stick the face or cheek, the elder then kisses a forehead to the small generation, only Be loving with of the lovers, just kiss or kiss.


The dining habit


The Frenchman sees cooking is an art, the French vegetables is a definite breeze world also.In France on first three meals usually is so arrangement of.Breakfast:bread,coffee,hot chocolate; Lunch:the lunch is a the most important meal of the Frenchman, generally at about 1:00 P.M., the dinner is then after 9:00.


The positive meal of Frenchman's social intercourse wants to keep on generally for more than two hours, start being an appetizer first, then is the fish or spaghetti, just is a main course again, the main course return supplementary and many fresh vegetable,salad,cream cheese, fruit, sometimes still have the dessert heart, the after meal coffee is an essential to have also.

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