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Alvord's House of Leather closed in 1998, but its mascot, a watchful leather-clad fellow, has since represented Adirondack Leather Shop. He stands near the southern border of Adirondack Park. After receiving a visitor tip, we earmarked the Leather Guy as one of those great statues worth a detour to verify its continued existence.

Mayfield travel, New York Travel Guide

The Leather Guy is the only architectural feature of note along this stretch of road (except perhaps the barrel-shaped building behind him). We can only speculate that he's in the likeness of "Alvord," because he's sculpted as a very specific character, with a black-rimmed glasses, wide goatee, sideburns and a pasted-down swath of brown hair. His hands tangle in front of his waist in a vaguely upsetting way.


He has the hopeless look of a happenin' '70s college professor on the make for coeds at the local watering hole. But in these parts, maybe he's just a helpful guy in fringe...Taj Mahal


We visited early one summer morning. There was no one around at the store, or at any of the nearby buildings for that matter. Cars heading along Rt. 30 continued on without stopping.

The Leather Guy, Mayfield, New York

It was rumored a few years back that this place was slated to become a day-care center, but it clearly does much better as a purveyor of fine leather goods.


July 2007: Steve Alvord has stepped forward and identified the Leather Guy as a likeness of himself, erected in front of the leather goods retail shop he owned in 1971 until it closed in 1998.


April 2006: According to tipster James , the leather shop has closed, and the new building owner has sold the Leather Guy, but he's only moving 1/4 mile down the road in Mayfield. James adds: "they plan cutting off his glasses and repainting him."

The Leather Guy, Mayfield, New York

December 2004: Charis reports that Adirondack Leather Shop is still in operation, and the Leather Man still stands tall.


June 2002: A visitor, "Kathy," reports the Leather Guy still stands. Later, Kathy's partner in crime, "Jill," wrote she was sorely disappointed we had overlooked another Rt. 30 treasure, nearby Meatland (slogan: "We make meat affordable")."Meatland is worth a trip from anywhere. There is also The Future Home of the Wildlife Museum in what appears to be a former supermarket."


The Leather Guy - Gone
Address: 2474 State Highway 30, Mayfield, NY
Directions: Reported gone. Formerly at the intersection of Hwys 30 and 30A, just south of Mayfield; then a quarter-mile further north on Hwy 30, closer to town.
Hours: Gone.

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